Création Youngran
Création Youngran’s Philosophy
The Création Youngran collections are inspired by botanical motifs on fresh(innovative) materials. Their aesthetic expression is based on nature. “Youngran” means “Heroine of Flora”, thus natural structures and floral themes influence my work.

It is fascinating how aesthetical and multi-faceted a love for nature supplemented with creative imagination can be reproduced in the visual and haptic dimension.

My personal aesthetic criteria follow from an eagerness for experimenting combined with affection for nature while I take the endlessness of possibilities as serious as conventional bounds. Hence my collections are at all times appreciated as being “pleasantly communicative” and stimulate fantasy.

Five groups form the Créationyoungran: “Light-Transparency-Floral“, “Feeling of Asia”, “Female Intuition”, “Mix & Twist” and “Aurora”.

These five different collections represent diversity and innovative style in a range from joyful experimenting to classical modern designs.

In the development process I consider originality, trend, colour, material and application of design. Gladly I compose a style by combining customer requirements with my creativity. Being of service in regard to customers’ decisions for their current creative course is an important part of my work.

Créationyoungran’s emphasis is not only on originality of design but also responds to questions of specific applicability and product analysis, choice of colour and exclusiveness of customers’ wishes.

The Créationyoungran collections are suitable for decoration as well as interior fields like object, furniture and bed-linen.