Mix & Twist
Floral explosion, ethnic and classical fusion, an English garden revisited in the Florentine Fashion. In this theme, the motifs are revealed sketching themselves, disappearing into curls, blooming in bouquets, mixing their scrips, superposing and crossing each other, blending and melding in transparency.

Efflorescence and magnificence, the colors parade their soft and fruity burstes of red, geranium, pink, wild rose, anise, golden yellow and play on their profundity in a harmonious and discordant agreement with browns, chocholate, Prussian blue, blue greens and fern green. This is a rich color range.

we shamelesly give into the pleasure of sweets, candy, macaroom, twist, barely sugar or candyfloss. The deliciously sweet nostalgia overcomes us for our intense joy.