Feeling of Asia
This collection aims at illustrating lucky motives (motives that appear to be 'lucky charms') which in turn refer to our environment and nature. It is a great pleasure to present these motives in my collection.

What inspired me the most was the Asiatic landscape of my home country: the warm sunlight, soft wind, walks in the garden, along the ponds of my grandmother's house on vocation, the trees on those walks; all these are impressions I keep with me.

With 'lucky motives' I refer to my collection as a symbol of 'eternal life' in order to let my creation live eternally, universally, enriched with positive energy in the atmosphere that surrounds us daily.
Bamboo, trees, lucky flowery motives, calligraphic storokes, nature, in reference to my experiences in Asia,- these items represent my inspiration of developing a style of living in miniature.

«Often what we regarded as merely curious, is close to being useful; often when we discover something useful, we see that what seems like mere curiosity let us to discover it»

- René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur -